socialThere are a few things almost everyone wants in life, and one of them is a relationship. Relationships with a significant other can make you feel happy and loved. However, finding and maintaining a meaningful relationship can sometimes be difficult.


WayTooSocial is a site dedicated to providing information, mostly to men, on finding and maintaining relationships through helpful articles and blogs. The site is run by Chris Calo, a writer with a background in psychology and communications. Here are a few of the topics covered on WayTooSocial:



There are a number of articles that can help you decide if someone is attracted to you. One article provides seven signs to tell if a girl likes you, while another can teach you how flirting with a woman properly can lead to a relationship.


You can also learn from actual women who reveal what they notice most in men and what they think when someone is flirting with them. Find out what girls are attracted to in this section!



If you’re looking for the information you need to sweep a girl off her feet, this section of WayTooSocial has you covered. You can learn how to dress to be noticed by women, how to successfully listen to women, six steps to attracting women, and so much more.



You may be itching to settle down and fall in love, so this tab could be perfect for you. If you’ve ever found yourself in the friendzone, one article can provide you with steps to get out of it quick. Another article can help you by providing tips on how to last longer in bed. If you’re looking for love, you’ll find practical information and tips to help you find it in this tab.



Every relationship can come with a variety of situations where making a choice can be difficult. On WayTooSocial, you can learn how to break up with someone in the best way possible, how to communicate with people in an unfamiliar setting, how to use social media sites to your advantage when talking to a potential mate, and more.



When initially looking for a relationship, or when you’ve think you’ve found someone you’re interested in, it can be helpful to have guidance on where to start or where to go next. In the relationships section of WayTooSocial, you can find helpful articles that provide second date ideas, a comparison of Tinder and Bumble, tips to get your ex back, and more.




If you are shy and reserved, it can be difficult to break out of your comfort zone and approach women. The articles found in this section of WayTooSocial can help you learn how to ask a girl out. If you’re taking the technology route to finding a significant other, you can visit the section to find 17 funny tinder pickup lines. Another article in this section can help  you ask a girl out with an nearly projection-proof method.

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