paraRelationships can be complicated. In today’s society, it can be difficult to have a healthy relationship centered around strong communication because there is so much that you are expected to do with your job, social life, or school work.


Couples have a unique bond. They are attracted for several different reasons. Outside of your family, your partner is probably the person you trust the most with your most sensitive and private information. When that person violates your trust, or does something that isn’t healthy for your relationship, it isn’t uncommon that you will have issues. That’s why couples therapy can be beneficial to any relationship. To find out more please visit hvad er parterapi


Here are a few things that couples therapy can help a couple overcome:



Everyone comes with baggage of some sort. Most of the time, you or your partner have been deeply hurt by someone in the past, be it a family member, former partner, or friend. This hurt may have caused you or your partner to have trust issues when it comes to fidelity and truthfulness. Couples therapy can help you identify and modify you or your partners issues to make trusting one another less stressful.



Many couples who have issues find that they stem from a lack of or poor communication. Communication is one of the biggest aspects of a marriage or partnership. Communication is the active process of listening, analyzing, and responding to information sent by someone else to you. In relationships, words and actions are common forms of communication. In couple’s therapy, you can learn how to communicate positively both your good and bad feelings toward your partner without putting the health of your relationship on the line.



As the digital age continues to produce a number of electronic devices, technology becomes an even bigger distraction. It is easy to let technology interfere in your relationship. Really, technology is either a security blanket or an addiction. If you use it so much that it is interfering in your relationship, that can cause some major problems. Therapy can help identify why you and your partner are so addicted to technology and can help you turn away from it to focus on one another.



Lead by couple’s counselor Mikael Hoffmann from Copenhagen, Parforhold Party Therapy can help you address various issues in your relationship like the ones listed above. Hoffmann is attentive and caring to the issues, and is an expert is disease prevention and disease management. He is the author of “7 Bad Habits in Relationships – And how to Change Them.”


So, if you’re ready to repair your relationship, you can get help today. For more information, or to get started today with Parforhold Party Therapy, visit them online at You can also call 21-79-18-50 or email for more information. You can contact Mikael Hoffmann for help in English by emailing for an informal talk. Lessons can take place via Skype.




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